Non F2F options for getting to insight

We currently use these methodologies for all manner of research: exploratory, sensitive subjects, concept testing, comms etc


We believe they will be particularly useful while we adopt remote rather than F2F working over this period

Most of these methodologies offer a saving over F2F research


This approach utilises a digital research platform, our preferred site is Liveminds. Researchers post questions, tasks and stim and respondents post their written or video answers on the site; typically taking place over a few days


This approach is more akin to a live group discussion. We use the DiscussIO tool which allows us to interview multiple respondents live at the same time through a video conferencing-style set-up; sharing stim and encouraging debate as we would in a normal live group



We regularly use tele depths alongside or instead of F2F depths, depending on the objectives of a project. We can share stim via tools such as

They are great for detailed individual assessments


Sometimes a job requires a bit more of a connection with the respondent and Skype depths are great for this. This approach allows us to read facial expressions  and also share stimulus via screenshare


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